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Philosophy of Ministry

Christian theology is not a dead subject relegated to musty libraries for theologians and scholars to debate.  Theology is the study of God, His Word, and His works.  Theology is life.  Whether it is scripturally correct or incorrect, every Christian lives his or her particular theology.  For this reason, every believer ought to be trained, at some level, in sound biblical theology.

Early Church leaders understood this and taught theology and ministry to their congregations, and to future leaders within their congregations.  Today, the Western Church is far removed from this model and is suffering for it.  In today’s culture, prospective church leaders generally leave their communities to pursue academic theological training in distant seminaries; the theological education of the average church member, the non-seminary graduate, is simply neglected.

It is our belief that theology and ministry (at least to some degree) are to be learned by all believers and should be taught within the context of the local ministry; thus, the name Oikia Ministries of Biblical Theology.  As such, OMBT is designed to be an “in-house” training program for Christian theology and ministry.  It is within the context of the local assembly that both academic study and practical discipleship occur.  This is where men and women learn to put their theology to use.  Without a solid theological basis one may fall prey to false teaching; and without practical application one’s faith is impotent.  Therefore, our educational model is two-fold -- purposefully focused upon information processing (biblical theology) and experiential learning, ministry (practical theology).