Troublesome Waters
     C                                          F                   C       
1) Troublesome waters much blacker than night  
2) Troublesome  waters   a  -  round  me  do roll    
3) When troublesome waters are rolling so high 
                               Am                                 G 
1) Are hiding from view the harbor's bright light.
2) They're rocking my boat and wrecking my soul.
3) I  lift  up  my  voice  and  to  heav - en  I  cry,
     C                                     F                       C
1) Tossed on the turmoil of life's troubled  sea 
2) Loved  ones  are  drifting  and liv -ing in sin  
3) "Lord, I am trusting, give  guid - ance to me
                         Am                      G                 C
1) I cried to my sav -ior,   "Have mer -cy on me."
2) The treacherous whirlpools are pulling them in.
3) And stead -y my boat on life's troub - led  sea."
Chorus:    F                                                      C       
Then gently I'm feeling the touch of His hand 
                   Am                      G
Guiding my boat in safely to land.
C                              F                        C       
Leading the way to heaven's bright shore 
                                Am            G               C
Where troublesome waters I'm fearing no more.