There's Room At the Cross for You - Ira F Stanphill
          G           A7        D
There's a room at the cross for you
There's a room at the cross for you
Though millions have come
There's still room for one
             G           D7        G
Yes, there's room at the cross for you
    G                      C E7
The cross upon which Jesus died
     A                       D
Is a shelter in which we can hide
        G        C#dim7  Am             E7
And its grace so free is sufficient for me
    A7                         D7          G
And deep is its fountain; as wide as the sea
Though millions have found Him a friend
And have turned from the sins they have sinned
The Savior still waits
To open the gates
And welcome a sinner before its to late
The hand of my Savior is strong
And the love of my Savior is long
Through sunshine or rain
Through loss or in gain
The blood flows from Calvary to cleanse every stain