Sweet Hour of Prayer
              C                             F     
1-4) Sweet hour of prayer! Sweet hour of prayer! 
            C                       G
1) That calls me from a world of care
2) The joys I feel, this bliss I share
3) Thy wings shall my petition bear
4) May I thy consolation share
            C            †††     F
1) And bids me at my Fatherís throne
2) Of those whose anxious spirits burn
3) To Him whose truth and faithfulness
4) ĎTil from Mount Pisgahís lofty height
              C                         G7       C
1) Make all my wants and wishes known.
2) With strong desires for Thy return!
3) Engage the waiting soul to bless.
4) I view my home, and take my flight:
               G     C  F    C
1) In sea-sons of dis-tress and grief,
2) With such I hasten to the place
3) And since He bids me seek His face,
4) This robe of flesh Iíll drop and rise
                  G    C ††  F    C            G
1) My soul has of - ten found re-lief,
2) Where God my savior shows His face,
3) Believe His Word and trust His grace,
4) To seize the everlasting prize
            C                      F
1) And oft escaped the tempterís snare
2) And gladly take my station there,
3) Iíll cast on Him my every care
4) And shout while passing through the air,
         C                         ††††  G7         C
1) By thy return,†††††††† sweet hour of prayer!
2) And wait for Thee, sweet hour of prayer!
3) And wait for Thee, sweet hour of prayer!
4) Farewell, farewell, sweet hour of prayer!