Pass Me Not, O Gentle Saviour
    E             A                       E             B                          E
1) Pass  me not Oh gentle  Saviour, Hear my humble cry! 
2) Let  me  at Thy throne of mercy,  find a sweet re-lief:
3) Trusting on -ly  in  Thy  merit,  would I seek Thy face;
4) Thou the spring of all my comfort, more than life to me.
                     A                      E             B             E     B    E 
1) While on others Thou art calling.    Do  not  pass me  by. 
2) Kneeling there in deep contri -tion,  help my un –be -lief.
3) Heal my wound -ed broken spir -it;  save  me  by  Thy  grace
4) Whom have I on earth be -side Thee? Whom in heav’n but Thee?
     A     E          B             
Savior, Savior, Hear my humble cry! 
E             A                       E          B          E      B    E       
While on others Thou art calling, Do not pass me by.