Now I Have Everything - Yandell and Ingles


             G                 C                       G                      C                                   D

1) I had nothing but heartaches and trouble, I was seeking for fortune and fame.

2) I was making big  plans  for   my  future,    I was living  my  lifetime  in  vain.


             G                 C                        G               C                 D       G  

1) I had nothing but doubts and con fusion, But now I have every-thing.

2) Then I prayed for life's only meaning,    And now I have every-thing.



          C                                                 C     G                                              D     

Every thing I need to make me happy, ^    ^  I have Jesus to show me the way.


           G                          C                   G          C   G          C                D       G         C   G

He has saved me and He gave me life eternal, ^   ^   And now I have every thing.  ^   ^