Nearer My God to Thee


     G       D7  Em  C                      G                   D          G         D7   Em   C         

1) Near -er  my  God  to  Thee,   Near -er  to  Thee!    E'ven  tho'   it    be a cross,

2) Tho'  like a wand  –er  -er,   The  sun  gone  down,  dark  -ness   be   ov -er  me,

3) There let the way  ap -pear,   Steps  up  to  heav’n;  All  that  Thou  send-est me,

4) Then, with my wak-ing thoughts, Bright with Thy praise, Out of  my  ston -y grief,

5) Or,  if   on joy  -ful  wing,  Cleav  -ing  the sky,   Sun, moon   and  stars for-got,


    G       D7       G  

1) That raiseth me; Still all my song shall be,

2) My rest  a stone,yet  in  my  dreams I'd be,

3) In mer -cy giv -en; an-gels to beck -on me,

4) Beth-el I'll raise;  So by my woes to be,

5) Up -wards I fly, Still all my song shall be,



C       G                     D7     G        D7  Em  C                     G           D7   G

Near-er my God, to Thee, Near – er  my  God, to Thee, Near-er to   Thee.