Mansion Over the Hilltop - Ira P. Stanphill
    C   G7sus4  C0   C            F                        C         
1) I'm sat is - fied with just a cottage be-low     
2) Though often tempted, tormented and tested;    
3) Don't think me poor or  deserted  or  lone-ly      
              C0  G7                   G   C    
1) A   lit -tle sil-ver and a little  gold.
2) and like the prophet, my pillow a stone.
3) I'm not discouraged Im heaven bound.
               C0    C      F                                      C        
1) But in that cit-y where the ransomed will shine  
2) And though I find here no permanent dwelling,     
3) I'm but a pil -grim in search of the cit -y                 
      Dm7  C0 G7                             C      F  C   
1) I want a  gold one that's silver lined.^  ^
2) I want a  mansion, a harp and a crown.
3) I want a mansion a harp and a crown.
Chorus F   C  F                                   C           
Ive got a  man-sion, just over the hilltop, 
    Dm7   C0       G7                                  G∆+    C
in that bright land where well never grow old.
                       F                                           C                    
And someday yonder, we will never more wander, 
         Dm7    C0   G7                              C      F  C
well walk  on  streets that are purest gold. ^  ^