Make Me a Blessing
      C                                    G7   Em   G7  C    F                                 C
1) Out in the highways and by - ways of  life, Many  are weary and sad;
2) Tell the sweet story of Christ and His love, Tell of His pow’r to for-give;
3) Give as ‘twas  given to you in your need,   Love as the Mast-er loved you;
      Am          E                      Dm                C     G                D7                  G  
1) Carry the sunshine where darkness is rife, Making the sorrowing glad.
2) Others will trust Him if on -ly  you prove True ev-‘ry mo -ment you live.
3) Be to the help -less  a  help-er in -deed, Un -to  your mis -sion  be  true.
C       A7     Dm          G7    Em  G7  C           F    Am  F   C           D9       G7
Make me a blessing, make me   a  blessing; Out of  my life may Jesus shine.
C        A7    Dm            G7   F9  G9 E    E7  Dm7   A     Dm      Dm7 C         G7   C
Make me a blessing, O Sav-ior I  pray ^   Make me a blessing to someone to -day.