Let The Lower Lights Be Burning  P.B. Bliss
     A                               A9     A    E7   D                    B      B7   G#m   B7   E     
1) Brightly  beams our Fath-er's mer-cy from His light-house ev - er  more, 
2) Dark  the  night  of sin  has  set -tled,     Loud  the  an  -gry   bil -lows  roar;
3) Trim  your  feeble lamp, my  brother, Some poor  sail -or  temp-est tossed,
    A                          B9      B    D                Bm7   F#m7       E7             A 
1) But  to   us   He  gives  the keep-ing of the   lights   a - long  the  shore.
2) Ea -ger eyes are watch -ing, long -ing, For  the lights, a -long the shore.
3) Try-ing now  to  make  the  har-bor, In the  dark  -ness   may   be  lost.
 A         D                               A                B9        B           B7     E 
Let the lower lights be burn-ing! Send a gleam a -cross the wave
   A                            B9      B       D                  Bm7  F#m7     E7            A 
Some poor fainting, strug-gling seaman You may  rescue,   You may save.