Just a Closer Walk With Thee
    a      A+     F#m                  A0  E7                                               A        
1) I      am     weak  but thou art strong; Je -sus keep me from all wrong.  
2) Through this  world of toils and snares, If I falt -er  Lord who cares?
3) When   my    fee -ble  life  is  oer,   Time for me  shall be  no  more
                                  A7   D                   A                                  E7    A0   A       
1) Ill be sat is -fied as   long,       as I walk,      let me walk  close to Thee.     
2) Who with me my burden shares? None but Thee dear Lord none but Thee.
3) Guide me gent-ly, safe-ly oer, to Thy king -doms shore, to  Thy  shore. 
A    A+  F#m              A0     E7                                   D    A
Just  a  clos -er walk with Thee; Grant it Je -sus is  my  plee
                           E7   A7   D               A           E7           D   A       
Daily walk -ing close to Thee; Let it be, dear Lord, let it  be.