It Took a Miracle – John Paterson
      G              G6   G7                 D7                           D0     D7            G        
1)   My   Fath -er   is   omnipo -tent And  that   you  can’t  den -y; 
2) Though here His glor -y has been shown, We still can’t ful -ly see; 
3)   The  Bi  -ble tells us of His  pow  -er  And wis -dom all way through; 
         E7        C               A9     A                  A9     A        A9  D7
1) A God of might and mira -cles; ‘Tis writ -ten in the sky.
2) The wond -ers of His might, His throne; ‘Till e –tern –I -ty.
3) And ev -ery lit -tle bird and flow -er Are test –I –mon -ies too.


D9          G                                        D        
It took a miracle to put the stars in place; 
D7                                            G            
It took a miracle  to  hang the world in space.
                       E7              Am                           D       B    Em       
But when He saved  my  soul, Cleansed and made me whole, 
               A                A9   D7   G
It took a miracle of  love and grace!