In My Father's House - Hanks
    C                       C9        C                              C7       F       D7      
1) In     my    fa  -ther's  house       are    man –y --   man -sions. 
2) Je  -sus   died   up  - on   the  cross    to    bear   my sor-row;
3) When your friends have turned you down & left you lone-ly;
          D+   G7      G6    G7    F9    G7            G9                  C
1) If   it   were  not  true  He  would  have told me so.
2) Free-ly died that souls like you might have new life.
3) In this  world  you’re  all  alone  and  Oh  so blue;
                           C9   C                             C7         F         
1) He  has  gone  a  -way to live   in  that bright cit-y.   
2) But  I  know  there soon will come a bright to-mor-row,
3) Turn your thoughts a -way form  sin  to  Je-sus on-ly;
     D7     D+     G7    G    G7   F9   G9                       C        
1) He's  pre –par -ing  me  a    man-sion there I know.
2) When the world will all be free from sin and strife.
3) A new life and friendship sweet He’ll give to you.
Chorus:  E                                E7     Am  E  A          
Do not shun the Savior's love from up  in  glor-y;
     A0   D7     D+               D7                D+   G7       
Or you won't be there to sing the gos-pel  stor-y.
C            C9       C                      C7  F       D7     
In my fa-ther's house are man-y  man -sions,
      D+       G7      G6     G7   F9    G7       G9                C
If  you're  true  then  to  this  land  you'll surely go.