If That isn't Love  Bill Gaither
    G                D                  G 
1) He left the splendour of heaven
2) Even in death He remembered
     C                    D         G
1) Knowing His destin - y
2) The thief hanging by His side
                  G                             C
1) Was the lonely hill of Gol - gatha
2) He spoke with love and compassion
                  G                    D         G 
1) There to lay down His life for me
2) The He took him to paradise
    G            C                         G  
If that isn't love the ocean is dry
There's no stars in the sky
And the sparrow can't fly
                  C                              G
If that isn't love then heaven's a myth
There's no feeling like this
                  G      C   G    C    
If that isn't love