I’ll meet you in the morning – Albert Brumley  IN D


   D                           G   D                        G                   D                                             A7      A6  Aaug   D

1) I will meet you in the morning, by the bright river - side, when all    sor - row has drift - ed  a  - way;

2) I will meet you in the morning, in  the sweet by  and by, and ex - change this old cross  for  a    crown;

3) I will meet you in the morning, at  the  end   of  the way,  on  the  streets of   that  cit  -  y    of    gold;


                                       G    D                             G               D                  A                    E       A       E    A

1) I’ll    be   stand-ing at the port – als, when the gates open wide; at the  close of life’s  long  drear – y day.

2) There will be no dis-appoint-ments, and no–bod – y shall  die;  in that land when life’s sun  go – eth down.

3) Where we all can be  to – geth – er, and be  hap – py  for  aye, while the year and the   a –   ges  shall  roll.


D                                                                                                G                             D

Meet you in the morning          meet you in the morning,          How do you            How do you

I will meet ________ you in the morn - ing, _________  with a How _____  do you do _______


                                         G    D                                                                    Bm  E     E aug   A                 E   A

                Sit down by the ri – ver     sit down by the river,      Rapture         our auld ac - quaintance re-new.

And we’ll sit down ________ by the ri - ver ______ and with rapture auld ac-quaintance renew _______


D                                                                                         G                                D

Know me in morning,           know me in the morning,          Smiles that I wear,        smiles that I wear.

Know _________ me in the morning ___________ by the smiles ________ that I wear _________


                                  G     D                                                            A7                             D             G    D

          Meet you in the morn-ing,      meet you in the morning;         city         city built, that city built four-square.

When I meet you _________ in the morning ___________ in the city that is built        four   square ________.