I Know Whom I Have Believed


    A                D     A         D        A                               D      E9       E

1) I know not why God’s wond–rous grace to me He hath made known;

2) I know not how His   sav –ing faith to me  He  did  im –  part;

3) I know not how the   Spi –rit moves, convincing men of    sin;

4) I know not what of   good or   ill, may be re–served for  me;

5) I know not when my   Lord may come, at night or noon-day fair;


     E7    A            D     A      D       A                 D                 E    E7   A 

1) Nor why, un–wor–thy, Christ in love re –deemed me for His own.

2) Nor how be–ive –ing in His Word wrought peace with-in my heart.

3) Re –vel-ing Je –sus thro’ the Word,  cre–at–ing  faith in Him.

4) Of wear-y ways of gold – en days,     be–fore  His face I see.

5) Nor if I’ll walk the vale with Him,   or meet Him in the air.


         D                                       A           D   A     E7             F#m E7   A

But I know whom I have beliveed, and am per-suaded that He  is  a-ble


     D                                               A            E         E7              A                  

To keep that which I’ve com-mit-ted unto Him a-gainst that day.