Hide Thou Me – by Tolbert & Harris


     D                 Em7  D0     D             D7    G                      D   

1) Sometimes I feel dis–cour-aged and think my life in vain.

2) Sometimes it seems I dare not go one step far-ther on; 

3) Oh what a friend is Je–sus, sure an-chor for my soul.


                           Em7   D0  D                    E7                     A7               

1) I’m temp-ted  then  to  mur-mur and of my life com-plain.

2) and from my heart all cour-age has slipped away and gone. 

3) So ten–der,  true  and grac-ious, I’m safe in  his  con–trol.


           D          Em7    D0   D          D7   G                          D       

1) But when I think  of   Je–sus and all He’s done for me. 

2) But   I    re –mem -ber Je–sus and all  his  love  for me. 

3) My help  in time  of  dan–ger, my strong defense is he.


            D7   G                        D                A     D

1) Then I    cry  oh  Rock of Ages, hide thou me.

2) Then I    cry  oh  Rock of Ages, hide thou me.

3) Oh thou bles-sed Rock of Ages, hide thou me.


D   Em7      D0  D   D7   G      G6    D            Em7  D0  D        

Oh Rock  of  A – ges, hide thou me.  No oth–er  ref-uge


E7              A7                D               Em7   D0  D      D7 

have I but thee.  When life’s dark vale  I   wan - der


G                   D              D7  G                    D              A7     D

Far, far from thee; then I  cry oh rock of ages, hide thou  me.