He Touched Me - Bill Gaither

    D7                              G                      D7                                               G
1) Shackled by a heavy burden           'Neath   a   load   of   guilt   and  shame
2) Since    I    met   the  blessed Savior  Since he cleansed and made me whole

    C                                    G                  D7                                      G
1) Then the hand of Jesus touched me Now   I am  no longer the same
2) I  will  never  cease  to  praise Him   I'll shout it while eternity rolls

      D7                         G                          C        G                            D7
He touched me oh He touched me And oh the joy that floods my soul

G               D7                   G       C              G                         D7           G
Something happened and now I know He touched me and made me whole