Farther Along - W.B. Stevens and Jesse R. Baxter

    D                            D7      G                 D                       Dm6     D               A   E7   A
1) Tempted and tried we're oft' made to won-der Why it should be thus all the day long.
2) Oft -en  we  won - der  why we must journ- ey ov- er  a   road  so rug -ged and steep.
3) Faith-ful  to  death  is  our lov - ing  sav- ior         a   few   more days lab - or and wait.
4) When  we  see Jes - us   com - ing  in  glor y, when He comes from His home in the sky.
    D                              D7  G               D                         Dm6   D         A7                  D    
1) While there are oth-ers  liv -ing  a bout  us  
Nev -er mo  -lested, though in the wrong.
2) While there are oth-ers  liv -ing  in com-fort while with the lost we lab or  and  weep.
3) Toils of the road  will  then  be  as noth -ing  as we  walk through that beautiful gate.
4) Then we shall meet Him  in that bright man-sion We'll un -der  -stand it all by and by.
D        Dm6    D      D7     G              D                  Dm6   D                     A      E7      A
Far-ther  a  -  long we'll know all a-bout it Farther a  -  long we'll un der -stand why.
D                            D7  G              D                             Dm6   F           A7            D         
Cheer up my broth-er, live in the sun-shine We'll un der - stand it all by and by.