Almost Persuaded – P. P. Bliss
       E    A             E            C#m    B        E    
1) "Al -most per–suad-ed" now   to  be-lieve; 
2) "Al -most per–suad-ed" come, come to-day;  
3) "Al -most per–suad-ed" har -vest  is past! 
           A              E            A         E  A7  E        A  
1) "Al-most per–suad-ed" Christ to  re - ceive; Seems now
2) "Al-most per–suad-ed" turn  not  a -way;   Je –sus
3) "Al-most per–suad-ed" doom  comes at last! "Al -most"
                     E           B             B7       E          
1) some soul to say, "Go, Spir -it,  go Thy  way, 
2) in-vites you here, An -gels  are ling‘ring near 
3) can -not  a -vail; "Al-most" is but   to  fail!      
              C#m7   E      A      C#m7  E    A           A7    E  
1) Some  more   con – ven  –ient  day  On Thee I’ll  call."
2) Prayers rise  from hearts so   dear;  O wand–‘er, come!
3) Sad,    sad,   that   bit -  ter   wail  "Al-most," but lost!